AMS Power Club open for registration

A couple years ago we started the AMS 9 Second Club to showcase our customers as they started dipping into the single digits. So many of our customers wanted to be featured but were not drag racing their 600+ whp AMS monsters. We have built so may 600+ whp, 9 second...

Day 4

Jackson Mississippi to Tuscaloosa Alabama. It’s our fourth day and we’ve done so much it’s hard to put everything together. This event is action packed and keeps you on your toes. We get sent off in the morning by the Mayor of Jackson and we start to...

Day 3

Shreveport Louisiana to Jackson Mississippi On Day 3 we get up early and head to our cars. The police shut down the bridge connecting Shreveport and Bossier and us Fireballers get it to ourselves. It’s our official starting line and it’s a pretty awesome...


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