Building a bullet proof 4b11 motor

Over the last few months I have been looking at internal engine upgrades for the 4B11 evo X motor. We knew to push the limits and be reliable with these new aluminum blocks we’d have to look into sleeving. I contacted our friends at ERl, who are pioneers in the...

AMS Lightweight Front Crossmember EVO X Now Available!!!!

Whether you are a drag racer, road racer or street tuner, getting weight out of the front of the EVO is a MUST! The AMS EVO X Lightweight Front Cross Member eliminates 3 lbs. from the front of the vehicle and allows for a polyurethane front motor mount to maximize...

AMS, Now MoTeC v3 Certified!

You heard right! This past weekend I took a trip to California to attend a class which outlines the finer points of MoTeC’s v3 software. I have had experience tuning MoTeC systems already but their newest version of the software definitely had some awesome...


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