Aeromotions Nissan R35 GT-R Splitter


Over a year of
computer modeling, analysis, and track testing led to the unique
design.  While the top of the splitter appears normal, the bottom of the
splitter has CNC cut venturis to feed air into the stock GT-R front

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Perfect Balance – The R35 Splitter.

The R35 splitter was designed to win. The aero was tuned through full computer simulation. Notice the CNC machined venturies on the botom of the splitter. They perfectly feed air into the factory venturis built into the Nissan OEM bumper. The composite material is built for endurance racing. It’s wear and abrasion resistance are unmatched. The 3-piece design allows you to easily replace part of the splitter if you manage to take a corner off.





Here’s a product review from Catesby (see NAGTROC) after completing One Lap of America.


I have had this on my car for over a year and ran it on last years One Lap.

The build quality is excellent, i think i had the first one. We can
attest to it’s strength as well. Traveling across the country last year
at night we hit at approx 85mph a re-tread remnant the was BIG around
2ft long. i figured the splitter would have been toast, but it remained
intact! As well we could not avoid some roadkill later in the event and
in the end the splitter was perfect after the event.

In terms of performance I could notice a dramatic increase in front grip
at speed. I am also running the Aero S2 rear wing but the overall
balance was good.

The drag at speed did not appear to be bad either, at Daytona i saw a
GPS indicated 187.3mph running stock turbos. Lehs Alpha9 running a more
aggressive front aero/canards and rear wing was around 6mph slower at
top as i recall, but overall had more HP than my car.

Hope this helps, the splitter is worth the $$ for a functional aero enhancement, i also think it looks pretty cool. – Catesby.

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