Alpha Performance Nissan R35 GT-R OMEGA-Spec Billet Block 4.0L VR38 Crate Engine


The Alpha 4.0L Omega-Spec Billet Block Crate Engine comes complete and sealed from valve covers to oil pan. The engine is timed and the front covers installed so all of the hard work is already done for you making your engine swap a bolt-in affair.

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We have successfully applied our race-winning experience to the GT-R’s VR38 to bring you the pinnacle in engine programs. By developing AMS proprietary engine components we have engineered the strongest, most advanced VR38 available for your GT-R and we have the World Records to back it up. This is the same power plant that propelled our Alpha GT-R on its record-setting 6 second quarter mile pass!



Big Benefits, No Compromises

Our 4.0 liter Big-Bore Engine adds displacement but in doing so maintains a great peak RPM capability by increasing bore and not stroke. The result is an increase in power without compromising RPM limitations. With proper tuning and supporting modifications the AMS Alpha Big-Bore Engine is capable to revving over 8,000 RPM!

In addition, we raised the compression ratio to further increase horsepower throughout the power band. This increase also produces more low end torque which considerably reduces turbo lag and improves boost response. By combining a larger bore size with an increased compression ratio we have achieved a 5-10% increase in torque and a 300-400 rpm improvement in turbo spool up time!


AMS Engineering Provides The Only Fortified Engine Block Available

Each Alpha Big-Bore Race Engine has been strategically strengthened to support the monstrous power and torque capable with our Alpha Packages. As the GT-R aftermarket companies started pushing the VR38 harder we began to see some engine blocks cracking at 1000+ torque levels. Our Engineering Team quickly dissected and diagnosed the problem. To overcome the situation they developed a unique, proprietary method to reinforce the block. You won’t find this in the competitors engines as it was developed here at AMS and is exclusively available in the Alpha Premium Engine Package.


The Perfect Combination for Alpha Power

This race proven power plant uses only the best off the shelf and custom designed AMS spec. components. Combine that with the latest in machine and assembly practices and you are assured only the best!

Each block is precisely machined to accept Darton ductile iron sleeves. Once installed the block is then final bored, honed and align honed to ensure perfect clearances and fitment. The finished product allows for higher cylinder pressures and added strength and rigidity to the block.


Not Your Standard Off-the-Shelf Rotating Assembly

AMS worked closely with JE Pistons and Manley Rods to specially design engine components worthy of the Alpha program. The AMS Extreme-Duty Pistons feature improved oiling characteristics, Teflon coated skirts for reduced friction and extra thick ring lands for added strength and other proprietary features that make them Alpha capable. The AMS Extreme-Duty Connecting Rods utilize large 7/16” ARP 2000 bolts (22% larger than stock) for added durability and peace of mind.


Our Race Winning Experience Creates Higher Standards

To further improve the VR38 platform, each block deck is machined to receive a copper o-ring to establish a better combustion seal. Every Alpha 4.0 Race Engine is then precisely balanced, blueprinted and hand assembled to AMS’ exacting standards. Before assembly each block is checked for correct dimensions, cylinder bore, mains, block flatness, etc… to guarantee you get the best foundation for your new engine.


Alpha CNC Cylinder Heads And Camshafts Offer The Most Power Across The Whole Power Band

Included in our Big-Bore Crate Engine are the Alpha Cylinder Heads and Camshaft Package. The flow at low, mid and high lift has to be balanced a certain way to achieve the most effective power curve. That means the most power for you off the stop light, at the strip, or on the road course. The Alpha Cylinder Heads utilize the latest Ferrea Competition Plus components. Their valvetrain components are made from exotic alloy materials to with stand high boost and RPM’s. In addition, our Engineering Team developed a proprietary modification that provides a better combustion seal which is applied to every set of Alpha Cylinder Heads. To top things off the Alpha Camshafts work in harmony with the cylinder heads to offer you the most useable power throughout the entire power band.


Complete Crate Engine For Ease Of Installation

The Alpha 4.0 Big-Bore Crate Engine comes complete and sealed from valve covers to oil pan. The engine is timed and the front covers installed so all of the hard work is already done for you making your engine swap a bolt-in affair.


Exclusive Benefits

  • Great peak RPM capability by increasing bore and not stroke
  • Increased compression ratio for added horsepower and torque
  • 5-10% increase in torque
  • 300-400 rpm improvement in turbo spool up
  • AMS proprietary components for the strongest, most advanced engine program available
  • O-ringed block deck for a better combustion seal
  • Balanced rotating assembly
  • Precise, documented hand assembly
  • Comes complete and sealed from valve cover to oil pan, timed and ready to install



  • Omega Spec Manley Alpha Pistons
  • Manley Tri Beam 300M Rods or BME Aluminum
  • King Engine Bearings
  • ATI Crank Pulley
  • AMS Oil Pan
  • Full Balance
  • Billet Crank
  • CNC Heads
  • Sterling Charcoal Valve Covers

Additional information

Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 42 × 37 in
Connecting Rods

Steel, Aluminum


Core, No Core


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