AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 4B11 2.2L Stroker Short Block


Important Note: We now use AMS spec sleeves 

The AMS EVO X 2.2L Stroker is the newest short block for the Evolution X by AMS Performance. By increasing displacement to a robust 2.2 liters, this powerplant allows you to run a larger turbo for increased horsepower without sacrificing your power-band.

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The AMS EVO X 2.2L Stroker is the newest short block for the Evolution X by AMS Performance. By increasing displacement to a robust 2.2 liters, this powerplant allows you to run a larger turbo for increased horsepower without sacrificing your power-band.
Big Torque For Quicker Turbo Response
If you are running an upgraded turbo system, the 2.2L Stroker improves torque numbers down low by increasing stroke. 500 ft/lbs can be achieved as early as 4200RPM with the appropriate turbo system.  Off the dyno, full spool can be achieved at just above 4000RPM.  With the added torque, you will power out of turns quicker for improved lap times on the road course and leave your opponents in the dust on the street!  
AMS Keeps You Ahead Of The Competition With A HUGE Power-Band
Big power is great but often comes with a narrow power-band and having to wait for your turbo to spool.  What’s most impressive about this engine configuration is it adds torque down low and that torque carries all of the way to redline. In addition, horsepower continues to climb all the way up to the maximum rev limit of 9000RPM. With such a wide power-band your EVO X will be unbeatable on the street or the track with big power and monster torque on tap at nearly any rpm.  
The Perfect Combination for Power and Durability
This race proven power plant uses only the best off the shelf and custom designed AMS spec. components. Combine that with the latest in machine and assembly practices and you are assured only the best!

Each block is precisely machined to accept the latest AMS spec sleeves. The sleeves are pressed into the block to sit atop a machined step to ensure they will not sink during engine operation. The block is then final bored & honed using a torque plate to ensure perfect clearances and fitment.  The finished product allows for higher cylinder pressures and added strength and rigidity to the block.  Couple that with Manley pistons made with extra thick ring lands, skirt coatings and upgraded 9310 alloy wrist pins we achieve maximum reliability for your 4B11 rebuild.

Our Race Winning Experience Creates Higher Standards
All our race engines are individually handcrafted at AMS using the same care as the ones found in our world record holding street and race cars.  When you choose an AMS engine you are investing in the knowledge gained from assembling thousands of race engines over the past 15 years.  With over 350 Victories in Motorsports over the last 7 years alone, it is clear that AMS is the only choice for your engine rebuild!
Just like our 2000+HP Alpha Omega GT-R, every motor is balanced, blueprinted and assembled to AMS’ exacting standards.  Before assembly each block is checked for correct dimensions, cylinder bore, mains, block flatness, etc… to ensure you get the best foundation for your new engine. Every engine we assemble has a build sheet where tolerances, torque specs, and clearances are documented.  
Do it right the first time, order your AMS 4B11 2.2L Stroker today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Big torque increase combined with 9,000 peak RPM capability
  • Flat torque curve from 4000RPM all the way to redline
  • Increased displacement for more horsepower
  • Balanced and blueprinted with precise, documented assembly
  • Custom compression ratios available
  • Available outright or with core exchange*


  • AMS Sleeved AMS Block
  • Manley Billet Stroker Crank
  • Precision AMS Spec machine work on block & crank
  • Manley Pistons w/ skirt coating & 9310 alloy wrist pin upgrade
  • Manley “Turbo Tuff” I-Beam rods
  • High performance racing rod & main bearings
  • ARP Main Studs


  • Displacement: 2.2 liters
  • Stroke: 94mm
  • Bore:  86mm
  • Compression Ratio:

    • 9:0:1
  • Suggested Rev Limit:
    • 8500RPM street/road course
    • 9000RPM drag racing


  • Mitsubishi Evolution 10 GSR and MR Models
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

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Product Notes

  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed with information when shopping for a new 4B11 motor. With all the engine programs and options available in the AMS catalog we recommend that you call in and talk to one of our trained professionals before making your decision. We can help you find the perfect engine for your application and performance needs. No matter what your performance goals may be we will get you an engine that best suits your needs…no more and no less. So give us a call!
  • Pricing assumes that a good working core is sent in to AMS to build with. AMS Core Exchange Program requires a usable block and crank complete with 5 main caps, oil squirters, crank ring, and all portions of the block. A core charge of $3500 will be added if no core is sent in.

Additional information

Weight 190 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 42 × 30 in

Core, No Core


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