AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X CNC Cylinder Head


The AMS CNC Cylinder Head is the best performing and most developed design on the market.

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The AMS EVO X CNC Cylinder Head is the best performing and most developed design on the market.  After countless hours of testing we came up with a port design that offers more than just peak flow numbers. Flow bench numbers don’t always tell the whole story.  Most vendors just state their peak flow at max lift. Their head may flow 270 CFM at .500 lift but what about flow at lower lifts? The flow at low, mid and high lift has to be balanced a certain way to achieve the most effective power curve.  We have developed a CNC program that not only brings consistent performance and quality but also makes the most power of any head that we’ve ever tested including our old design!


  • Best performing and most developed design on the market
  • CNC ported for optimum flow, performance and consistency across the head
  • +1mm Ferrea valves increase flow and performance
  • Performance valve springs for maximum performance up to 10,000 rpm
  • Suitable for even aggressive high lift camshafts
  • Precisely hand finished runners, chambers and blending of bowl area
  • Available on a core exchange or for outright purchase
  • Professionally assembled by AMS engine technicians
  • New exhaust and intake studs preinstalled
  • Gasket surface milled to promote gasket sealing


  • CNC machine ported head with precise hand finishing
  • Ferrea 1mm over Super Alloy exhaust valves
  • Ferrea 1mm over Competition Plus intake valves
  • Ferrea dual valve springs & retainers


  • Mitsubishi Evolution 10
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

Product Notes

  • Click Here Read More About the AMS CNC Cylinder Head Program
  • Cams are not included, but can be purchased in addition to the CNC head if needed. Alternatively you can ship us cams to use.
  • If a larger bore shortblock (2.2L, or 2.4L) is used, additional combustion chamber bore matching can be added for $200.

Core Charge Requirements

  • Pricing assumes that a good working core is sent in to AMS to build with. AMS Core Exchange Program requires a usable head case complete with all cam caps and valve spring seats. A core charge of will be added if no core is sent in.
  • If no cams are purchased or supplied to us, we will not be able to set valve lash via the buckets. You will need to measure and set valve lash, and supply your own buckets with the appropriate shim sizing. 

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs

Standard, Big Bore


Core, No Core


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