Carbon Revolution CR-9 Nissan R35 GT-R One-Piece Carbon Fiber Wheels


Carbon Revolution produces the world’s only one-piece carbon fiber wheel: the most technically advanced wheel on the planet, and one of the most advanced lightweight technologies on any car.

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The scientists and technicians who created the first one-piece carbon fiber wheel saw it as both a vocation and an immense challenge. Tested in Germany to the highest TüV standards, and available for purchase, Carbon Revolution knows carbon fiber better than anybody. The company understands how to optimize the structural integrity and create the ideal stiffness for the ultimate performance. They have also developed techniques to ensure a consistent, high-quality manufacturing process in the most critical automotive application. Backed by patents and many awards, the one-piece Carbon Revolution CR-9 doesn’t just look like the future of wheels, it is the future. And you can drive that future today!


These ultra-lightweight, optimal one-piece carbon fiber wheels uniquely improve your vehicle’s dynamics without compromise. They help maximize your car’s performance in virtually every sense.



Handling & Control

Lightweight wheels are perhaps the greatest single performance enhancement you can bolt on your car. Basic physics tells us the gyroscopic effect requires significant effort to move a spinning object – the heavier it is, the more effort is required. Lighter, stiffer wheels allow you to accelerate quicker and change direction more precisely. Because there is no wheel lighter than a CR-9, you can place your car precisely, with less effort, and with more feedback. The harder you use them, the more benefits you see.


The Carbon Revolution CR-9 is the result of world-class engineering expressed in one of the most captivating materials known to man. Sophisticated, refined and purposeful: The CR-9 wheel looks as good as it performs, making a positive impact on the eye as well as your car.

5 Bolt wheels  $11,850 per set        Center Lock Wheels  $13,850 per set


  • facilitate steering and handling
  • provide better tire grip
  • increase braking power and shorten braking distances
  • reduce vehicle weight thus saving fuel
  • reduce driving noise


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