COBB 04+ Subaru STI/WRX XLE BPV [712560]


A compact and very lightweight bypass valve
that is loaded with features, can be configured in different vent
modes, has spring pre-load adjustability, and reliably holds high levels
of boost without leaks.


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The COBB XLE BPV is a compact and
lightweight by-pass valve that is capable of holding very high boost
pressure without leaking. Its unique design allows for extremely fast
venting of boost when actuated. It is designed to operate in multiple
venting modes and can be quickly reconfigured using simple hand tools.
Innovative engineering and precision manufacturing result in a compact
package able to fit in the confines of a tight engine bay.

The XLE BPV is able to vent pressurized air more quickly than other
bypass valves due to several unique design elements. Due to the low
weight of the components, the moving parts in the XLE BPV have less
inertia and can respond faster than heavier components in other bypass
valves. Furthermore, the shapes of the exhaust port and piston face are
designed to evacuate air as quickly as possible. The third design
element is treatment of the piston with hard anodizing and a Teflon
coating that provides low sliding friction, reduces surface wear and
minimizes maintenance requirements.


  • Valve vents pressurized air very quickly due to lightweight components, port shape and low sliding friction
  • Unique exhaust sound due to speed of air release
  • Construction materials make the XLE BPV compatible with alcohol/water injection due to inherent corrosion resistance
  • Lighter than most aftermarket BPVs and BOVs
  • Adjuster allows adjustment of spring preload for fine tuning release pressure

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs


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