HKS R35 GT-R VR38 Metal Head Gasket


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To improve the performance of R35 GT-R using the factory Head gasket, the factory bore sealing proof stress restricts the improvement. GT800 Package can release the restriction by replacing the Head gasket with the HKS Head Gasket which enables higher performance. This HKS Head Gasket includes the Exhaust Manifold Gasket.


  • Designed to replace the factory Head gasket.
  • The bore diameter and thickness are the same as the factory gasket.
  • Improved the bore seal proof stress at high output and high boost by the redesigning the structure without upgrading the Head Bolt. (Bore seal pressure of the contacted surface was improved by 30%)
  • In-house test at 900PS confirmed the durability and safety.
  • The Exhaust Manifold Gasket uses the 4-layer seal bead design.
  • To maintain the bore seal proof stress, the stopper’s height was changed to 0.15mm from 0.10mm. Narrowing the width enables the high proof stress with the factory Head Bolt axial tension. Also, optimizing the bead plate’s angle improved the seal pressure of the contacted surfaces of the oil and coolant seal parts without affecting the bore seal pressure of contacted surfaces. The surface of the gasket was fully coated instead of only bead part of the factory gasket’s surface like the factory gasket. Fully coated gasket’s surface can improve the rigid connection of the cylinder head and block when installing the gasket.
  • The Exhaust Manifold Gasket has the 4-layer bead plate comparing the factory 3-layer bead plate so the seal durability was improved to be used under high exhaust pressure.



  • The bore stopper and bead are separated as placing the stopper that the tightening force is concentrated around the bore, and placing the bead around the stopper. The bore stopper load can be increased with this design, which is not possible with the factory combined type. Also, the separated type can prevent the cylinder head and cylinder from deforming since the stopper is located inside the hard bead plate.


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