King Bearing Nissan R35 GT-R VR38 Tri Metal Race Rod bearings


Nissan R35 GT-R Rod bearings by King Bearings. These Tri Metal coated Race bearings are the same rod bearings found in our Omega spec crate motors.


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Nissan R35 GT-R Rod bearings by King Bearings. These Tri Metal coated Race bearings are the same rod bearings found in our Omega spec crate motors. Available in standard size (Nissan 0 Grade) or with .001” additional clearance (STD-X).

When you need the best, you go to a specialist, and for the best bearings, you see King Engine Bearings. King focuses on one product–bearings–and nothing else. Their innovative race-only Xtreme Performance Tri-Lecular rod bearings are proven track-tough to handle the ground-shaking power of your race engine. Built with enhanced tri-metal, these XP-Series rod bearings layer copper-lead construction with a nickel plate barrier and a lead/tin/copper babbit overlay over a steel backing in an adhesion process that provides superior stability and durability. King’s advanced control measures hit a bull’s-eye, maintaining wall thickness tolerances far tighter than their competitors–at an amazing +/- .0001 in.! These XP-Series rod bearings feature a 45 degree chamfer on the crank cheek side and increased crush height for improved bearing-to-bore contact, heat transfer, and reduced spin potential in high-rpm applications. How many reasons do you need to use a specialist? Use King XP-Series rod bearings for consistent and reliable performance with a high-load capacity, and the prognosis from the specialists will be a long and happy life for your engine.


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