Catesby Jones took home the overall win at the 2015 Brock Yate’s One Lap of America (OLOA) in his 2010 Alpha 10 equipped Nissan GT-R – capturing fourteen 1st place finishes out of 19 events! Along with co-driver William Taylor, this was the 2nd year in a row winning the OLOA.

For most of us, the arduous challenge of taking home back-to-back wins at the OLOA, let alone one win, is a difficult one to comprehend because it takes place throughout the course of 7 days. The hardships are many and not easy to document.  It’s a journey of attrition unlike any other where teams not only race multiple events at various road courses and drag strip venues, they must drive to them in the car they are competing with without any support vehicle! This year’s event covered 3,245 miles throughout the Midwest and Central Mountain regions and we have a little insight, from Catesby himself, on what it took to bring home the win once again!

2015 One Lap of America. 3225 miles, 19 total events at 10 venues throughout the Midwest and Central Mountain regions.

The One Lap of America is probably one of the most unique automobile racing events a racer, solo event participant or lapping track day enthusiast could wish to participate in. The event requires endurance, adaptability and reliability to finish, let alone win your class or the overall. It also provides for a great road trip around the country with like-minded car enthusiasts.

2015 is my 10th year, participating in the event and my 2nd overall win in the GoTurnStop prepared Nissan GT-R Alpha 10. I feel very fortunate for this results as I have also have felt the heartache of a DNF two times in the past with a blown transmission in 2000 (Porsche) and in 2012 in my GT-R. This year’s results appeared to be relatively flawless but we did mess up, a few times actually… in Pueblo’s 2nd time trial, I took off 1/2 second early earning me a 5 second penalty placing me far down in the overall results for the event. At the drag strip when I launched on my “WET” map….but the biggest “heart stopper” came in session 1 at Hallett, as I pulled off the track the car shut off & died….this was due to a faulty/cracked air-mass sensor my co-driver Will found a day before. Will enlisted Eric’s help at AMS to get a replacement for AM delivery, but in the middle of Oklahoma AM delivery is not an option….luckily as I was preparing to pull out for session #2 the UPS truck appeared with the part. A few minutes later, installed, I took off for session #2, whew all is well…At the opening event wet skidpad, we made a slight set-up error that put us in 2nd out of the box. Again the OLOA is all about surviving and not messing up, anything can happen and we try to be prepared as best we can without a support vehicle… One of the more motivated opponents this year was a highly modified and tested Viper who chose to upgrade to a new no lift shift gearbox. Unfortunately, they were out with mechanical issues on day one.


Photos provided by Catesby Jones

OLOA this year covered many great venues. My favorites were Motorsports Ranch in Texas (we ran 3 configurations, all fun) and the new track in Bowling Green NCM – National Corvette Museum. NCM is a fantastic track combining fast sections with some slower turns and blind apex’s… it is a top 5 venue for me. High Plains in Colorado also offers some amazing twists and turns. What makes this week even cooler is that we got to play at a new track every day of the week, no waiting weeks between venues…One Lappers get a season of fun over the period of a week.

Next year, we plan to defend our overall win with a further developed GT-R.
See you next year.




For more details on the annual event visit: Brock Yates’ One Lap of America

Catesby Jone’s 2010 Nissan GT-R is prepped by GoTurnStop and equipped with the Alpha 10 R35 GT-R Turbo Kit


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