The AMS team returned to Maryland for the spring Haltech Hail Mary Derby held at the Maryland International Raceway. The Hail Mary Derby is a 4 day drag strip event with no rules, classes, or eliminations. What it does have, is the same Jason Miller track prep found at the biggest and fastest drag race events in the United States. At the derby, we’re racing for personal bests and world records in a totally open racing format.

Hail Mary Derby Wrap Up: Brooke Berini
Brooke Berini has been chasing her coveted 7 second pass since GTR World Cup. Since then there has been nothing else left in the car with her stock cover turbo setup, but she continued to amaze everyone with quicker times every run. Her previous best before the Derby was an 8.18. During the event she surprised us all with her quickest time of an 8.08! Although it wasn’t the pass she wanted, it was nothing short of incredible!
Congratulations Brooke and we can’t wait to see that board light up with that 7!
Hail Mary Derby Wrap Up: AMS Performance Alpha 12 Audi R8
During TX2K21, Mikey Sugisawa, shop manager at AMS piloted our Audi R8 to its new PB of 8.58 @ 163 MPH. At that event it was on the stock ECU, stock engine, stock injectors, and stock emission controls including the stock cats. Since then we have converted the car to a MoTec stand alone system for continued development and the Hail Mary Derby was our testing grounds!
During the derby, Mikey was consistently running 8’s and brought the PB to an 8.53 @ 165mph! We are continuing to push the platform with the continued research and development on this car and the Alpha Omega Drag Lamborghini in order to bring you the best and most reliable parts on the market!
Hail Mary Derby Wrap Up: David Rohrschneider’s R35 GTR “Wally”
David has been chasing his 6 second pass for some time now and although it didn’t happen just yet at the derby, he still came incredibly close by running his best time at the event of a 7.07 @ 203 mph! If you watch in out BTS coverage on the AMS YouTube channel, you will see that this car takes extreme skill to control and Dave is by far an incredible driver.
After a 7.1 pass, we ran into some issues with the vehicle that could not be attended to at the event, but that isn’t stopping Dave or the AMS team from helping to get him that 6 second pass! If you ever have a chance to see this car make a run in person, it is one you will not want to miss!
Hail Mary Derby Wrap Up: Andy and Tim Herold Matching AMS Alpha 18X R35 GTRs
If you have been following along with our Vlogs, You have seen these builds progress over the past 5 months. Andy and Tim dropped off their matching 2020 GTR’s each with less than 200 miles on the clock. These cars were purchased with the sole intent to create seriously powerful drag builds and that is exactly what this father and son duo did. Both vehicles feature our Alpha 18X kit, drag package, and are the only two 2020 R35s running a Syvecs stand-alone system! Making 1400+ whp, these builds have room to grow in the power department but the Hail Mary Derby was the perfect place for the duo to get some seat time and learn all there is to know about these wild machines.
After many runs at the event, Andy and Tim each broke into the 8s. Andy ran his best of an 8.62 @ 163mph and Tim with an 8.50 @ 163.9mph and the smiles on their faces said it all. Congrats to them both! Maybe it’s time to add some more power?
Hail Mary Derby Wrap Up: Jordan Martin’s Prime Cuts Chop Shop Alpha Omega Drag Huracan
During TX2K21, Jordan Martin and the AMS team surprised the world by setting and resetting the “then” current world record for the quickest Lamborghini on the planet, running a 7.40 @189mph! We knew the Alpha Omega Drag Huracan had more left in it but due to clutch limitations, that is as far as we could push.
Fast forward to the Haltech Hail Mary Derby, we had to make many tweaks and adjustments with our new clutch setup. Amazingly, during the final run of the event, Jordan Martin rocketed the Drag Huracan down the track and left everyone speechless as he trapped a 7.33 @ 194mph with more powr still left on tap!
We could not be happier with the hard work of the AMS team and the fantastic driving from Jordan himself. We will be back out with the car as we continue to push this chassis to its limits!

Haltech Hail Mary Derby – May 13-16 2021

The AMS team returned to Maryland for the spring Haltech Hail Mary Derby held at the Maryland International Raceway. The Hail Mary Derby is a 4 day drag strip event with no rules, classes, or eliminations. What it does have, is the same Jason Miller track prep found...

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