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Nathan StolzenburgGoogle
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Every single part I’ve gotten from them is amazing well made. I always feel very well taken care of when working with their sales staff. Excited to do more to the car and get to work with them again!!
John FeherGoogle
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Quality parts great service Ty took care of me with my concerns and issues. Was taken for a tour of there shop well organized and clean. I’ve been to other performance shops over the years and there the best. It’s like getting a new car again with awesome performance.
Bank SoikumGoogle
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Amazing product line, friendly staff. What more could you ask for? Took my car’s performance to a whole different level. 10/10
Chicago UserGoogle
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Chris Marshall and his team did great work on the dyno tune for my 2014 E63S. He helped me coordinate parts purchasing and the entire tune selection and execution. The car is amazing now thank you AMS
James PavlatGoogle
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Great service, wonderful people. They know their business!
Chris VoigtGoogle
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This place is amazing! These guys know their stuff, are passionate about what they do, and never settle.
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There’s a reason why people bring cars from all around the world to AMS, it’s because they’re known to be one of the best in this industry. Sometimes when dealing with a large speed shop, you feel like you’re lost in the shuffle, but they always make me feel like I’m part of the family with their great service and is partly why I’ve been a customer for over a decade. Not only do they have amazing customer service, every part they deal with is only of high quality that you know will last a long time. So why AMS? High quality products, excellent customer service and support and the incredible work that they do overall. My AMS built motor can be a testament to the great work that they have done and is the reason why I am returning to have my motor rebuilt after 8 years on the same block. Yes, I said 8 years on the same block with over 750hp and it could not have been possible without AMS.
Shane IwasakiGoogle
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Stopped by while at a business seminar, they gave us a tour when we showed up uninvited. Super friendly staff and awesome garage.
Chris HillGoogle
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Have had a lot of work done here and they have always been very affordable, timely and most of all reliable. I highly suggest this to anyone looking for tuning, modding or just simple maintenance.
Romir ChaudhuriFacebook
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I shipped my car to and from AMS to get various parts installed (from subframe bushing collars to unreleased fuel system components) and also dyno tuning. I have been incredibly impressed with their professionalism, their speed, and their handling of the car. I was informed every step of the way and I can’t tell you how much I smile knowing I can drive and enjoy the car without the same worries I used to have. It also feels great to leave hellcats in the dust!
Justin SchwartzFacebook
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Brought my 2015 Evo Final Edition in for a 400 horse package in June 2016 and they had it in an out in a day and half, great work done and very friendly staff. Came in 6 months later for some help as far as my tune with the Cobb and they were willing to help. Great work done by honest people. Will continue going to them!
Parin Shah (CMC)Facebook
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Love this Family at AMS Performance! Their quality on their products is the best! I have been a customer for 9 years. I love taking my performance business to them. The feeling of dropping something off to them and never looking back, there is a ease to the way they conduct business. The results are always there. Thank you again for the quality work and parts we have purchased! Highly recommended by me and Chicago Motor Cars!
Jason SlaterFacebook
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AMS has paved the way in the aftermarket world. Their parts production and quality is second to none. Their customer service and knowledge of various platforms makes them the mark to chase. Extremely happy to have such great colleagues and friends in the industry.
Kristin AYelp
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Hands down, they’re the best at what they do. We’ve had them working on our car off & on for 2 years now and continue to go there for all of our dynos & tunes. There’s a reason why people bring their cars here from across the country. Their pricing is comparable to any other shop around, yet their quality of service exceeds the other guys +++++
Raj KYelp
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Chris Marshall and his team did an amazing job dyno tuning my 2014 E63S. The car drives great and the power is insane. Chris helped me navigate the entire process for two months as I searched for parts and decided on the right tune. Their reputation is stellar on well-regarded online forums

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