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AMS relies on its dealer network to optimize placement of our products all over the world. We understand manufacturing a quality product alone is not a guarantee of success, which is why we focus on other key competencies to excel at, like our ability to distribute, market, and price our products effectively and competitively. Manufacturing quality products means very little if we do not support the distribution channels who support us.

Here are some reasons our dealers find it beneficial to be part of the AMS Dealer Network:

AMS manufactures only the best products on the market for use by our customers. We never compromise on quality or settle for the easy solution with an inferior engineering design. In fact, many of our products undergo rigorous testing through our successful racing program. These parts are often engineered and developed for our record-breaking race vehicles before being made available to the consumer.

AMS products are world renowned for their ability to perform. Through the years, the AMS brand has achieved a strong following and an extraordinary level of positive brand recognition unrivaled by competitors within the industry. With countless motorsport victories and records over the past 20 years, there is a high likelihood that your customers are already familiar with us, our vehicles, and our products.

  • Quality market-driven products
  • Prolific AMS brand name advertising
  • Attractive and protected margins
  • Professionally designed product sell sheets
  • Co-op advertising to promote your business
  • Well-stocked inventory and efficient supply chain
  • With a fully staffed manufacturing facility, we can produce even the largest orders
  • Durable and resilient product packaging
  • Flexible and customizable merchandising plans
  • Honest recommendations and insight to our product
  • Friendly dealer support service to help you determine what products can help make you the most money and grow your business

The AMS brand is highly visible within the automotive performance industry. Our products, racing accomplishments and success are actively marketed through a variety of channels by our in-house marketing & media production department. In conjunction with more traditional print, event, and trade show advertising, AMS relies heavily on modern social media marketing and word-of-mouth through the use of online videos, photography, forums, social networking sites & HTML emails.

Online Videos
  • Over 70,000 unsolicited subscribers on YouTube since activation – December 2006
  • AMS regularly distributes videos to the most popular video hosting sites
  • AMS videos have a total of over 20,000,000 views on YouTube alone
  • AMS videos hosted on YouTube average over 100,000 views in a 30 day period
  • AMS produces professional-grade imagery suitable for everything from web to professional print advertising
  • AMS website gallery receives an average of 500,000 views a month
  • Photographs are used in a number of 3rd party ad campaigns and are made available to dealers upon request
Forums & Social Networking Groups
  • AMS posts content on many automotive enthusiast forums around the world
  • Posts made by AMS have generated millions of views and launched thousands upon thousands of interactions and inquiries
  • Over 90,000 collective members of AMS administered Facebook Groups specific to our core vehicle platforms
Social Media & HTML Emails
  • Over 265,000 unsolicited followers on Facebook since activation – June 2009
  • Over 210,000 unsolicited followers on Instagram since activation – November 2013
  • Over 40,000 unsolicited followers on TikTok since activation – January 2019
  • Over 20,000 unsolicited HTML email subscriptions since program inception, April 2009, generating over 50,000 email messages on AMS product news and events per month

Our pricing structure at AMS ensures that none of our dealers are forced to compete on price alone or compete for small margins. We provide our dealers with an attractive pricing structure and respectable margins over wholesale to ensure the added success of their business and brand image.

A majority of AMS’ success as a manufacturer depends on the ability of our dealers to represent the company, and to do it well. This is the reason AMS only contracts qualified automotive performance retailers and tuning specialists with as much passion for their work as we do ours. Our philosophy has always been to work with likeminded shops and retail businesses that align with the AMS brand, specifically our customer service and quality standards. In return for great service and representation, AMS sustains a strong relationship with its dealers by offering excellent incentives and support. 

The correct placement and channels in which we distribute our products throughout domestic and international markets is a cornerstone to our success. We understand that not all shops or retailers want to purchase directly from each individual manufacturer, which is why AMS has developed a distribution level network of B2B wholesalers for your company to purchase from. Our AMS Distributors act as a one-stop-shop for many of our customers and bring our products to you with attractive shipping rates, net30 payment plans, consolidated same-day shipments, among other incentives and perks. 

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