Military Discount

10% discount

on AMS manufactured components

As our most sincere “thank you” to America’s military personnel, past and present, we would like to offer you a 10% discount on all purchases of AMS manufactured components through AMS’ web site, over the phone, or in person at the AMS store.

The AMS military discount is extended to all active duty military, military reservists, military retirees, and nuclear military families. Please e-mail [email protected] from your active .mil e-mail account for status verification. This does not need to be the e-mail you used to register your AMS account from. If you are registered under a different email address please note that e-mail account so that we can add it to the “military” list.

If you were a member of the military in the past please visit the DMDC website and put in a single record request. Go to the search field and enter your information.

They will generate a PDF file with your active duty dates. We will use this to confirm your previous service. AMS will then move your account to the “military” group. Thank you.

We can’t begin to imagine the level of sacrifice it takes to put yourself in harms way as a volunteer keeping safe the greatest country on the earth. We thank you.

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