6 SECOND Pass in 2500 WHP GT-R “Wally” | QUEST FOR 6 Completed!

Dave Rohrschneider’s ALPHA W Nissan GT-R, “Wally,” has finally completed its quest to break into the 6 second barrier on the quarter mile. The moment was captured in this recap from the 2023 DCT World Cup at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida. Also, a huge thank you to @trlrace providing full coverage of the event!


Dave Rohrschneider has been racing and competing in motorsports for many years, being an accomplished trials bike rider in his younger days. Trading in his two wheels for four, Dave found a passion for the Nissan GTR of which he has owned multiple. After his father passed away, Dave decided to build an all-out racecar and gave it the name “Wally” as a tribute to him. The “ALPHA W” decals are a nod to that as well, with the letter W standing for his fathers name, Wally.

As the build progressed, a new goal was set – to run a 6 second quarter mile while still staying class legal for GTR68 (TX2k) and DCT Extreme (GTR/DCT World Cup). This meant that no additional weight could be taken out of the car, and that the 68mm turbos must remain in the “factory location”, severely limiting our options to increase the cars quarter mile performance. After years of attempts, tweaks, broken parts, and late-night repairs, Dave accomplished his goal and ran his 6 second pass.

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Wally 6 Second Pass
02:24 Dave Learning His Time
03:24 AMS Crew Celebration
04:52 Martin’s Reaction
05:23 New T-Shirt
05:38 6 Second Run Stats
05:48 Outro

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