Alpha Omega 8.25@185mph Dash Cam

ALPHA OMEGA went to the track 7/11/13 to reclaim the fastest and quickest GT-R title. We’ve been tweaking and perfecting the car since the half mile even back in June where Omega took top honors with a 214mph half mile blast. OMEGA’s initial shake down pass looked very smooth and controlled, when the board lit up, no one could believe their eyes, 8.303 @ 182.77 mph — 3 tenths of a second and almost 8mph faster than we had ever been!

OMEGA wasn’t finished, a few more quick adjustments and the car was ready for more. OMEGA rolled to the line, launched hard without drama, and clicked off a new GT-R world record: 8.259 @ 185.18mph, shaving another .044 seconds off the record and increasing the MPH record by 2.41, this is the dash cam of that pass!

AMS/Alpha Performance would like to thank Dodson Motorsports, The Driveshaft Shop, Exedy, Shep Trans and SPL Parts, we could not have done this without you!

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