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The Alpha Ronin Package
The idea behind the Ronin Package was to craft a supercar assassin that is as comfortable and driveable as a stock GT-R, capable of 1,000hp on 93 octane you get from any local gas station. A car that can be driven every day without the compromises associated with a typical modified car. A balanced and dependable package that can beat 99.99% of cars on the road without the typical hassles associated with highly modified cars.
Ronin can produce 9 second quarter mile times without the hassle of changing to racing tires, removing weight, adding race fuel or even needing a prepped dragstrip to do it. A land-bound rocket that is ready to launch at your command. On paper it seems impossible, but after 6 years of hard-core development on the GT-R platform, we had the resources to do it.
Doubling the Horsepower Without The Turbo Lag
We set out to create an all new turnkey package that doubled the power output of a stock GT-R, but does so without negatively affecting the powerband, throttle response or require special fuel. A car that drives as close to stock as possible but when you lean into the throttle, something that can take down any supercar or superbike at the drop of a hat.
To achieve our goals we needed to base this package around an engine and turbo combination optimized for 93 octane pump fuel. The chosen setup was thoroughly tested to deliver an increase in power and torque at any given RPM. Often with larger turbo setups you sacrifice low and midrange power with the increased turbo lag to gain peak power numbers. The Ronin package we developed spools quicker, hits harder and makes more power throughout the entire powerband than a stock GT-R making it an unbeatable street machine.
Our Race Winning Experience Creates Higher Standards
We’ve learned many tricks and developed many solutions on the road to over 2000HP in our world record holding Alpha Omega development GT-R. What we’ve discovered along the way has allowed us to produce a rock-solid engine program for the Ronin project. We go through the entire VR38 motor, strengthening everything from the inside out. Each Ronin engine is painstakingly blueprinted, balanced and assembled with high strength Alpha spec internals creating the perfect foundation for making big power safely.
All of that power is great but a strong and dependable transmission is needed to transfer it to the ground. To make this a reality we turned to the experts on GR6 transmissions, our friends at ShepTrans. Since we started working on GT-Rs, we’ve worked with John Shepherd for all of our GR6 needs, learning a lot together in the process. John has supplied us with a transmission capable of taking a 2000+HP beating over and over again, but the goal of the Ronin Transmission was a little different.
To make the Ronin Package comfortable for daily use, an aggressive clutch pack and noisy gearbox was not going to cut it. We worked with ShepTrans to perfect a transmission which was strong, durable, and quiet, leaving out the drama associated with a race oriented unit.
Street, Track And Magazine Tested
The Ronin GT-R has been extensively tested to perform. On an unpreppared concrete surface the Ronin laid down very impressive numbers with a 0-60mph time of just 2.3 seconds on its way to a 9.8 @ 145mph quarter mile. The standing half mile ends with a terminal velocity of 175mph. This is on 20″ street tires, 93 octane pump gas with zero weight reduction; exactly the way you would drive it every day. You won’t be changing wheels and tires or removing seats or the exhaust to achieve these numbers. As you can see, the Ronin GT-R stands above the competition and will set you apart from your peers.
The End Product
The end product is a turnkey GT-R anyone can drive comfortably with the capability to crush anything in its path. It has all of the creature comforts of a stock GT-R yet double its power output without sacrificing driveability or livability. The Ronin allows you to be ready for any challenge you may encounter on the street or the track. Anytime, anywhere. Nothing to change, nothing else to do other than punch the throttle and hold on!

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