AMS Alpha 9 Nissan R35 GT-R – 2010 Super Lap Battle Finals

The AMS Alpha 9 GT-R made its way to Buttonwillow Raceway this fall for the 2010 Super Lap Battle Finals street class competition via a 2000+ mile cross country trek with the guys of They documented their adventure and reviewed the car over the course of their journey from the AMS facility in West Chicago, IL.
The goal? To showcase the powerful yet reliable performance of the AMS Alpha 9 Package just prior to competition and its top speed capabilities after such a grueling trip.

The Alpha 9 GT-R was subjected to more than just the lead foot of its reviewers: extreme temperatures, severe weather and elevation all made for a challenging journey. This included heavy Midwest rains, snow and icy condition in the Rockies and, after a stop in Las Vegas for SEMA, the extreme dry heat of the Southwest desert.

After arriving in Buttonwillow, and with a quick adjustment in suspension setup, the GT-R competed in the SLB Finals street class without a hitch, placing 2nd just behind the AMS EVO X, with a time of 1:55.99. This was the first time on the track for the Alpha 9 GT-R and with over 800 horsepower it proved to be quite a handful. Martin Musial, President of AMS and driver in the SLB Finals, plans to have all the kinks worked out well in advance of next year’s event to beat the EVO X and top the SLB track record in the street class division.

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