AMS VISITS PUERTO RICO | Discovering Local Performance Shops

This episode is the first of 3 where we will take a deep dive into the amazing motorsport scene in beautiful Puerto Rico! Join us today as we visit many shops on the island and give you a close look at the aftermarket performance scene!

We teamed up with Predator Performance to bring stock of Garrett Motion products to Puerto Rico! We visited these shops to spread the word that Garrett will now be available locally through Predator. Something that before was difficult to acquire for the locals in a timely and cost-effective fashion.


Check out the shops we visited here and give them a follow!

– Predator Performance

– JCE Racing

– Robert Rosa Racing


– Tony Performance | TP/1

– Carros Blindados PR

– EAT Motorsport

– Tittiao Motorsports

– First Class Garage

– Feibruz Motorsports

– Secret Lab Society

– Speedy Mufflers & Performance

– C3 Garage


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