Breaking The V10 STOCK MOTOR RECORD! | FL2K Ep. 2

FL2K was a success! Congrats to Titan Motorsports and Omar Sanchez on breaking the Stock Motor Record for a V10 along with winning the roll racing event! Also, thank you to all the drivers and shops that came out sporting a plethora of AMS Alpha Parts! Huge s/o to Boost Logic in the blue R8 for winning the DCT class as well. They were rocking our stage 5+ billet transmission that helped to get them on the podium! Make sure to subscribe to the channel if you enjoy the content! Videos on the red DME Performante and the world’s first Alpha 16 Huracan are coming soon to the channel!

Watch Episode One of FL2K HERE!


Watch Angela Volk’s Alpha 7 build here!




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