E85 and the VR30 Q&A

?E85 VR30 Q&A!?

Watch as Bryan takes the questions you submitted and gives you answers about running E85 in your VR30 powered vehicle. As E85 fuel has become common in most areas of North America, many automotive enthusiasts are using it as an affordable way to drastically increase the octane rating of their fuel. With increased fuel octane, additional horsepower can be extracted from the engine through proper ECU calibration. In addition to higher octane, ethanol also provides a beneficial cooling effect to the engine’s combustion chamber as it evaporates much quicker than even gasoline. The best part – E85 at the station costs approximately $2 per gallon, instead of the $15+ per gallon that race gas costs!

Thank you for your questions. Keep them coming and we will do our best to get you answers. Check out more on how to easily convert your VR30 to run on E85 here… http://bit.ly/corn_fed_vr30

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