Evo X Dual Tip Exhaust Test

The 3 versions of our exhaust you heard all came from the same system.

We are proud to announce the prototype version of our First Twin tip TUNABLE exhaust. Now you can adjust how you want your exhaust to sound simply by removing three bolts.

The System is pretty unique in design the passenger tip actually has a three bolt flange in place that allows for one of 5 different plates to adjust sound.

The best part is that NOT A SINGLE ONE WILL AFFECT PEAK HP! We tested each on on the dyno and they all made the same power as our single tip lightweight system!

Each system will include all the plates for individual tuning. we are still finalizing our tip design so your feed back would still be greatly appreciated

I want to recognize Ivan here at the shop for coming up with this pretty unique idea. The results are fantastic

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