Fastest Q50 IN THE WORLD! | VR30 Intercooler Prototype Testing

As development on the Q platform continues to be pushed, Mikhail’s Q50 reset the world record making it the quickest & fastest Q in the world! In today’s episode, we look over some of the key moments over the past 5 months and see what progression was made. Lastly, we showcase the testing and data collection process with our soon-to-be-released VR30 intercoolers. More information will be available upon the official release announcement. Follow us on Facebook and IG to know when they are available for purchase!

Mikhail’s Q50 Achievements!

– 09 May 2020: First stock turbo Q50 in the 10s. 10.97@125
– 05 Oct 2020: Quickest&fastest stock turbo Q50 record reset
– 11 Jan 2021: Quickest&fastest stock motor & quickest hybrid turbo VR30
– 11 Jan 2021: The first and only stock motor VR30 to hit 5s 60-130
– 06 Jun 2021 – Quickest&fastest hybrid turbo VR30 10.12@137
– 13 Jan 2022 – The first 9s no-prep VR30 9.91@143
The quickest & fastest Q50 record reset
– 31 Jan 2022 – The first VR30 to hit 4s 60-130. 4.85s
– 12 Mar 2022 – Quickest and fastest VR30 in the world. Record reset at 9.63@144
– 1 May 2022 quickest and fastest VR30 in the world. Record reset at 9.53@144


Air To Air Vs. Air To Water Intercoolers


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