Gidi’s ALPHA 20 GT-R Wins takes 1st place at the TX2K drag race.

Gidi’s ALPHA 20 did some serious work this past week at TX2K including breaking into the 7’s. The track got a bit colder towards the evening but he was still able to pull out an impressive win and some even more impressive wheel skills against the VERY quick TSM ALPHA 16 car in the finals as shown here. That same TSM ALPHA 16 also broke into the 7’s for the first time this past week at TX2K making it the first production ALPHA 16 in the 7’s. Gidi’s car was running strong all weekend and nearly had a clean sweep in the roll race and drag race. In this particular run the cold track proved to fall a bit short of what his ALPHA 20 was putting down and Gidi was forced to lift narrowly missing crossing the center line but still taking the win. All in all a very successful weekend for the ALPHA camp.

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