How to build a 1,200+ HP TWIN TURBO R8 | EP. 2

Congrats to Jonathan Clavijo, the new owner of a beautiful Vegas Yellow R8 with our Alpha 12 Twin Turbo package! Join us as we finish up this build and make some power on the dyno! This kit includes the following.


– 1200+ HP on E85 Fuel, 925 HP on 93 Octane Pump Gas*
– 60-130 in a Blistering 3.66 Seconds w/ E85*
– Includes AMS Gearworks Stage 2 Transmission Upgrade (higher stages optional)
– Launch Control, Rolling Anti-Lag, Flex Fuel, and Other Advanced Features on MoTeC ECU
– Mid-8 Second Quarter Mile Runs Capable with Race Wheels/tires*


Watch EPISODE 1 of this Vegas Yellow Build!:


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