KYLE 1320VIDEO TWIN TURBO R8 | Build Announcement

We gave Kyle Loftis of 1320 Video the chance to pilot AMS’ Alpha 9 Audi R8 on the Corsa Rally Vail to Vegas with Martin, AMS’ President, as co-pilot. The pair took the car from the cold thin air high up in the mountains of Colorado down to the hot dry deserts of Nevada putting the car through its paces in some of the harshest environments in North America. The AMS R8 performed flawlessly and left quite an impression on Kyle. When the opportunity of picking up an Audi R8 arose he jumped at the chance and knew exactly where he wanted to take it.

When you watched 1320’s 3,000,000th subscriber live stream, you heard Kyle discuss choosing an Alpha 12 Twin Turbo Kit from AMS for his new V10 Audi R8. Now watch as Kyle, Martin, and Michael sit down and discuss the future plans for his R8 and about the experience on the Corsa Rally that made his decision an easy one.

We will be documenting everything about this build pulling back the curtain and showing you behind the scenes. Stay tuned in to our channel and hit the bell icon so you are notified when each new video drops every Monday at 11am CST!

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