Q50 Q60 Auxiliary Intercooler Pump

Must Do for Non-Red Sport Q50s & Q60s!
✅ The ability to flow more coolant means cooler temps and more sustained power
✅ Raises the efficiency of the other cooling components
✅ Red Sport level cooling for a fraction of the cost
✅ Complete bolt on kit means no cutting or modifying necessary
✅ Plug and play OEM fitment
✅ Includes wiring harness
✅ Includes installation hardware

The weather is heating up so we are here to cool you down. This is a MUST for non-Red Sport Q50’s &60’s. Watch as Bryan introduces you to the newly released VR30 Auxiliary Intercooler Pump. Stay cool and click on the link for more.

Product Page: https://bit.ly/2UWTgp6
Red Alpha Heat Excahnger: https://www.amsperformance.com/cart/infiniti-q50-q60-red-alpha-heat-exchanger/
Red Alpha Auxiliary Intercooler Tank: https://www.amsperformance.com/cart/q50-q60-red-alpha-auxiliary-intercooler-tank/
Red Alpha Coolant Expansion Tank: https://www.amsperformance.com/cart/q50-q60-red-alpha-coolant-expansion-tank/

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