Q50 Q60 Flex Fuel

We’ve had the pleasure of working directly with EcuTek on this new update for the VR30 over the course of many months, and I am happy to report that the wait is now over!

Our calibration team worked hand in hand with the EcuTek engineers in the pre-development phase, to analyze and give feedback on what the platform needed most, and how we thought it could be best implemented.

Flex Fuel tuning is now fully supported in the EcuTek software, which seamlessly integrates with our Flex Fuel Kit and High and Low Pressure Fuel Pumps to give you the ability to easily switch from regular pump gas to E85.

Map Switching is now easier than ever, and can be done with the cruise control button instead of requiring the use of the EcuTek phone app. This allows for a quick switch to your Race Mode map when that Mustang pulls up next to you at a red light. ?

Launch control has been highly requested for this platform from the beginning, and with the help of EcuTek’s software, we now have a great solution to spool the turbos and build boost before launching the car from a stop. I fully expect this feature to help improve this platform’s quarter mile times significantly!

This software will be available from AMS Performance for customers starting on the 16th. We can do a simple update to enable the launch control and map switching, or if you are ready for E85, we can now remotely e-tune cars anywhere in the world for flex fuel!

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