The New Alpha 10 Huracan & R8 Twin Turbo Kit

☑️ Costs Less Than the Competition
☑️ More Power
☑️ Faster Turn Around
☑️ Now Available!

We are proud to introduce the next in the line of our Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8 twin turbo packages! The Alpha 10 Twin Turbo Package makes 1025+ HP (~950 to the wheels) on 100 octane pump gasoline and with the INCLUDED Map Switching feature, you can expect 950 HP (~870 to the wheels) when tuned on 93 octane. This power equates to a blistering 4.33 second 60-130 mph time, and endlessly repeatable low 9 second quarter mile runs even on standard street tires. The best part is your Huracan and R8 will drive exactly like stock around town until it turns into a rocket ship when you mash the throttle.

Available as a turn-key package, The Alpha 10 has been developed as a bolt-in solution that can be rapidly installed at AMS Performance, or at your local select AMS certified installer. No modifications to the chassis or emissions systems are necessary, and our team has worked diligently to make sure our Alpha 10 components have a fit and finish better than OEM. This system is kept in stock and ready to be installed on your vehicle as soon as you are ready to start your build. No months long wait times for fabrication, or excuses from parts vendors, like you’ve heard about with other shops and their nightmare build stories. Contact us today to schedule your Alpha 10 Huracan and R8 twin turbo build! Click on the link to learn more…

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