What Intercooler Type is BEST? | Air to Air VS Air to Water

Today we will be learning about the two different types of intercoolers for a force-induced automotive application! Air to Air and Air to Water intercoolers each have their benefits and disadvantages. In this episode, we will discuss just that to give you a better idea of how these systems operate!

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How the AMS MKV Supra Intake Manifold is BETTER THAN STOCK! (Video)


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0:00 – Intro
1:02 – Both Have Their Benefits
1:24 – Air To Air Intercoolers (Concept & Theory)
2:25 – How Size Affects Intercoolers (Temps & Pressure)
7:31 – Air To Water Intercoolers (Concept & Theory)
10:59 – Real World Example (A2A VS A2W)
11:32 – Designing & Creating AMS Products (The Process)
12:31 – OEM Q50/60 Exchanger Vs AMS Prototype Exchanger
13:51 – AMS MKV Supra A2W Manifold Explained
14:35 – Outro (THANKS FOR WATCHING!)

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