1400HP R35 ALPHA 18X CUSTOMER BUILD | AMS Performance

Malik is a great customer of ours that has a passion for quality and raw power. He came to us for a serious street build that will be fierce competition for future events. His heart stopping R35 GT-R is equipped with our Alpha 18x Turbo Kit making 1400+ HP to the wheels.

The AMS Performance Alpha 18x kit comes STANDARD with G35-1050 Garrett© G-Series turbos, 3.5″ Downpipes, 4″ Carbon Fiber Intakes, and 4″ Turbo inlets. Prepare yourself for a street car capable of 1650 WHP that spools faster using the newest Garrett© G-Series turbos. The Alpha turbo system upgrades for the R35 Nissan GTR have been engineered from the ground up to create a line of turbo kits that would redefine GTR aftermarket performance.

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