AMS Alpha Omega Resets GT-R ¼ Mile Record: 7.70@186mph!

On the heels of our win at the Texas Speed Syndicate (TSS) Texas Invitational (TI) event, we decided to make the most of our 1,000+ mile trip to Texas. The tracks in Chicago had already starting degrading with the cooler weather. The opportunity to run at a well prepped track in Texas might be the last chance we would get to turn Omega loose. . .

Click below for the full writeup:

0-60mph: 1.53 seconds
0-100mph: 2.79 seconds
100-150mph: 2.15 seconds
0-300kph (186mph): 7.56 seconds

We would like to proudly thank the following friends and partners for helping to bring Omega back to the top of the mountain:

Matt Owen and Tony Palo of T1 Racing Development
Amar Sood of Texas Speed Syndicate
Dodson Motorsport
The Driveshaft Shop
Injector Dynamics
SPL Parts

AMS Performance
1760 Metoyer Court
West Chicago, IL 60185
847-709-0530 /

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