AMS Diamonds by Wire Racing “Alpha G” GT-R debut at TX2K16

The all-new AMS built Diamonds by Wire Racing “Alpha G” recently made its debut at the TX2K16 event! It was a warm welcome for the car and crew as the new Alpha G made its very first 1/4 mile pass EVER just 48 hours after completion! Owner, Gidi Chamdi, completed two passes running a 7.85@ 183.62mph and another at [email protected]! Remarkably, the first pass was performed only on wastegate boost (35psi of a max potential of 70psi)! With the second pass set at 39psi, the Alpha G certainly has A LOT MORE left to shell out! We’re estimating around 1000whp.

Although the TX2K16 event ended with some teething issues that could not be sorted out at the track, the team met its goal of running 7’s and were extremely pleased with the overall results!
Next stop, Texas Speed Syndicate’s Texas Invitational at the end of April!

Special thanks to Dodson Motorsport​ and ShepTrans​ for their support!

For the full details of the Alpha G at the TX2K16 event, visit:…

AMS/ALPHA Performance
1760 Metoyer Court
West Chicago, IL 60185

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