Day In The Life | AMS Technician Daniel Koziol

Omega is back! Join us for a fantastic new VLOG series, “A Day in the Life,” where we follow one employee and take an in depth look at their position at AMS Performance! Today we meet, Daniel, a Fabricator who recently wanted to expand his skill set, followed his passion, and moved into a role as an R+D Technician. 
We watch as Daniel reassembles “Ronin,” our shop R35 GT-R, for more exciting testing of some brand new performance products. Then, grab a paper and pencil as we take you back to school for a little AMS history lesson when the lead engineer of the Nissan R35 GTR, Hiroshi Tamura, visited our shop. Hold on as he gets to experience the raw power and quickness of both Ronin and Omega! Join the Alpha Army and grab yourself some AMS merch!
Phone: (847) 709-0530

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