The World Leader in VR30 Performance

Our Calibration Team had VR30 customer #380 and #381 on the rollers recently. The Q60 came to us stock and the owner simply wanted Red Alpha Tuning. The Q50 came to us with Fast Intentions LDPs, a 2.5 CBE, Alpha intakes, and a “tune,” but wanted to switch to a Red Alpha tune because his previous online “tuner” had it running dangerously lean and knocking. Both customers left extremely happy with 408 WHP and 422 WHP respectively and knowing that their vehicles are producing the most power possible while being safe and reliable. When we talk about being the “world leader in VR30 Performance” we have everything to back it up. Click on the link to learn more…

✅ First to the 10’s w/stock turbos
✅ First to the 9’s
✅ Reset the World Record
✅ First to 500 WHP
✅ First to 600 WHP
✅ First to 700 WHP
✅ First to 800 WHP
✅ Tuning VR30’s in partnership with Ecutek since 2017
✅ INFINITI USA provided AMS w/ Q50 & Q60 Vehicles
✅ Partnered with INFINITI USA on a SEMA concept drag car
✅ AMS Components available in the INFINITI USA Motorsport Catalog
✅ AMS Intakes available for order with new Q50 & Q60’s
✅ Tuned over 380 VR30 Customer Vehicles
✅ First RWD in the 10’s, customer owned
✅ First “non shop car” in the 10’s (at the track)
✅ First “non shop car” in the 10’s (on the street)

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