Haltech Hail Mary Derby Vlog Pt. 1 | AMS PERFORMANCE

4 cars 4 PR’s! The AMS Performance Team arrived in Mechanicsville, Maryland for the inaugural Hail Mary Derby with high expectations for each of our team members. @therealjasonmiller’s masterclass track preparation and fantastic weather conditions set the stage for some epic racing.

Jordan Martin’s @drivewire @PrimeCutsChopShop Alpha 24X R35 GT-R was primed to go 6’s. His Alpha Omega Drag Huracan was looking to make it into the mid-7’s. David Rohrschneider’s Alpha 20X R35 GT-R “Wally,” already the 68mm world record holder, was racing to add to his lead and even become the first 68mm car to run a 6-second pass. @Brooke Berini and her Alpha Princess were competing to go deeper into the 8’s and lock-in her position as the fastest stock turbo R35 GT-R ever. Pt. 2 coming next week so subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss it!

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