Sheptrans Alpha 16 Powered R35 GT-R: 8.28@173mph!!!

On August 18th 2013 John Shepherd, President of Sheptrans (, took home 1st place in the GT-R Eliminator class at the 21st Annual Buschur Racing EVO/DSM/GT-R Shootout. In the process he put down an amazing time of 8.28@173mph in his R35 GT-R street car!

Less than a week before the event, John upgraded his GT-R from an ALPHA 12 to the new ALPHA 16. This maiden voyage for the newly released turbo package proved to be massively successful. Pass after pass John improved his time and MPH but traction was proving to be difficult. Fearing his current drag radial was not cutting it John borrowed a pair of Nitto NT05R drag radials from a fellow ALPHA GT-R owner in hopes of improving his times even further. The tire swap did the trick as he cracked off a 1.45 second 60′ time on his way to a blistering quick 8.28 @ 172.98mph!!

The GT-R also logged some pretty amazing stats on the V-BOX:

0-60mph: 1.78 seconds
60-130mph: 2.91 seconds

This GT-R is quite impressive. 100% built by John himself as a test bed for his rock-solid R35 transmissions, his car showcases some of the best parts the industry has to offer. Many of the products are sourced from the Alpha Performance catalog including:

ALPHA 16 Turbo Kit
ALPHA Race Front Mount Intercooler
ALPHA CNC Ported Race Cylinder Heads
ALPHA Series Camshafts
ALPHA Induction Kit
ALPHA Carbon Ceramic Brake Package

What is most impressive about this run is that John’s car really couldn’t be any more of a street car. With a 100% stock interior, A/C and street legal tires, John helped prove the capability of not only the ALPHA 16 Turbo Kit but the R35 GT-R in general. John further explained, “I can’t stress enough how much of a street car it is. Weighing in at 3900lbs. race weight shows how amazing this platform is.”

John is not done yet either. His car has yet to run to its full potential as he still has the stock intake manifold and throttle bodies limiting his horsepower output. He is awaiting the release of the new Alpha Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold and Alpha Billet Throttle Body Upgrade to really see what his car can do. With even more power available John’s GT-R looks only to improve on his current time.

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