Texas Invitational June 2015: Alpha Omega vs 2000+HP Huracan

This is the semifinal round of the June 2015 Texas Speed Syndicate / Texas Invitational King of the Streets Event. Alpha Omega is up against the new 2000+ UGR Huracan.

“Round four brought us our greatest test to date… the UGR Lamborghini Huracan. Pushing over 2000whp and being driven by the very talented K.C. of UGR, Ivan knew he had to be on his A-game for the pass. Since last year the UGR team outfitted the cars with a very capable traction control systems and air-shifted sequential gearbox. The days of the transmission advantage were over. After a botched start the two set off on a clean run. The Huracan came out first but Omega was able to reel her in and come around it as the pair passed the finish line within a car length of each other. Easily one of the best races of the entire event. It was time to move onto the finals!”

For our full story of the Texas Invitational event, visit : http://blog.amsperformance.com/2015/06/16/alpha-omega-back-to-back-ti-king-of-the-streets-champion/

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