ALPHA OMEGA: Defending Texas Invitational KOTS Champion!

After a big upset in the Fall of 2014, the AMS Alpha Omega returns to the Texas Speed Syndicate / Texas Invitational King of the Streets event in hopes of a back-to-back win.

“Ivan and the staff knew the competition would be gunning for Omega at the June 2015 Texas Invitational. Equipped with the same Alpha 20 turbo system, Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold, Omega Brushless Fuel System setup and Sheptrans GR6 transmission, Omega was running all the same components from the last TI KOTS event with one exception. . . our prototype Alpha 4.0L GT-R Billet Block to provide much improved reliability as well as handle a small increase in power. ”

For more information about this event, visit our blog:

Special Thanks to:
Dodson Motorsport
The Driveshaft Shop
Injector Dynamics
Mickey Thompson
SPL Parts
Syvecs Powertrain Control

AMS Performance would also like to thank T1 Race Development for their aerial drone footage!

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