The Alpha 9 Porsche 997.1TT Performance Package

The Alpha 9 Porsche 997 Performance Package offers you a complete system with nothing left to buy. What makes this performance package even more appealing is that it offers exact tolerances and fitment within the tight confines of the 997 engine bay. Not only does it improve the size and effectiveness of the turbo and intercooler systems, but it provides all the necessary upgrades to the fuel system. This is all done without deviation from the stock routing. Such a design cannot be replicated by hand or measured by the naked eye. It requires CAD development, metal casting and an engineering skill-set uncommon in the industry. If you like to enjoy your Porsche 997.TT just as much on the street as you do on the track, this upgrade will offer you, hands down, the best driving experience you could possibly expect from a comprehensive performance package.

Results of our testing:
On 93 octane pump gas alone, our customer’s Porsche 997.1TT fitted with the standard Alpha 9 upgrade was able to run a 60-130mph time of 5.97 seconds.

If you have any questions regarding this package or would like to place an order, please contact your nearest Alpha Performance Dealer. For our international listing of dealers, visit the link below:

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