AMS Performance VR30 Quick Flash for Q50/Q60

Increase your Infiniti’s horsepower the quick and easy way!



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Include EcuTek BlueTooth OBD2 Module, Flash Points, and Phone Flash Points, I already have an EcuTek Bluetooth OBD2 Module, Flash Points, and Phone Flash Points

Race / Competition / International Use Only

This product is designed for installation on a race-only vehicle, defined as a vehicle that is used exclusively for competition and that cannot be licensed or registered for use on the public roads and highways within the United States. This product is not available for sale on emissions-controlled vehicles within the United States without a completed AMS Race Waiver form. International users outside of the United States should act in accordance with their local laws and regulations.

2017-2021 INFINITI Q60 with 3.0L Twin Turbo VR30 (Including all Sub-Models) | 2016-2021 INFINITI Q50 with 3.0L Twin Turbo VR30 (Including all Sub-Models)
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With 23 years of documented research and development in the forced induction field, AMS Performance has proven itself as the powerhouse in the automotive aftermarket. Our award winning performance systems are what all others are measured by.

The AMS Performance VR30 Quick Flash for Q50/Q60 is a quick and effective ECU flashing solution, without the need for a long and drawn out remote tuning session. For many Infiniti Q50 and Q60 owners, the AMS VR30 Quick Flash is the perfect inexpensive option when there is simply no need to squeeze every last bit of horsepower from the engine. Developed with engine and drivetrain longevity as a key objective, our calibration team used their years of motorsports experience to deliver an ECU flash that will maximize horsepower for your specific modifications while minimizing the possibility of excessive wear and tear, or costly repairs. This entry-level tune is everything you need to get up to speed, and nothing you don’t.

  • Huge increase in horsepower and torque right out of the box
  • Custom tailored to your exact modifications, from stock to full bolt-on (FBO)
  • Utilizes EcuTek’s new Phone Flash system that makes the process simple
  • 7200 RPM Redline, Compared to Stock 6800
  • No need to provide datalogs or send emails back and forth with a tuner
  • One flash through the OBD2 port and you’re done!
  • Approx. Horsepower: 390-405 WHP*
  • Approx. Torque: 400-415 lb-ft*
  • Approx. Boost Level: 17 PSI*


Available for all 3.0L Twin Turbo powered Q50 and Q60 vehicles, the AMS Performance VR30 Quick Flash delivers an astounding 100+ HP increase for some models and increases boost levels to approximately 17 PSI which translates into a pavement pounding 400+ torque!* The AMS VR30 Quick Flash is calibrated for use on your vehicle ranging from mechanically stock to “full bolt-on” (FBO). Our team will create your AMS Quick Flash calibration file based on your list of modifications to suit your vehicle perfectly. Vehicles which have aftermarket components installed such as our Red Alpha Cold Air Intake, or Red Alpha Heat Exchanger may increase the total horsepower output to higher in the expected range. For example, Q cars with full bolt-ons (FBO) can expect to be closer to 405 WHP, while mechanically stock Qs will be nearer 390 WHP.* No matter what your modifications are, the AMS Quick Flash offers exceptional top end power improvements with an increased redline to 7200 RPM, over the factory 6800 RPM rev limiter.

Note that if you will be using lower than 93 AKI octane fuel (e.g. California 91 octane), expected horsepower numbers will likely be reduced. 93 octane gasoline is recommended for best results. Also please be aware that due to normal variances between vehicles, dynamometer brands, and local climate and elevation, your individual power results may vary.


EcuTek Phone Flash Vehicle Tuning Technology

Based in the United Kingdom, EcuTek Technologies Ltd. provides a powerful OBD2 interface and software solution for modern performance vehicles like the Infiniti Q50 and Q60. The EcuTek ProECU Tuning Suite allows for the calibration and reprogramming of your vehicle’s original ECU via the on board diagnostics (OBD2) port and provide a host of features that help achieve fast, accurate, and successful mapping.

At its simplest, the EcuTek programming kit can be used for diagnostics and data-logging via the included EcuTek OBD2 Bluetooth Interface Module. However, its most impressive feature is to allow EcuTek Master Tuners like the AMS Calibration Team to create custom mapping to improve power output and performance. We then make it as easy as possible to load this calibration to your vehicle by providing an industry leading instruction guide showing you step by step how to upload it to your Q.

To reprogram the ECU, the EcuTek programming interface is simply plugged into the OBD2 diagnostic port of the car and connected to your handheld device via Bluetooth. The guided reprogramming process then only takes a few minutes to complete via EcuTek Phone Flash! Unlike other “chipping” solutions, the EcuTek Phone Flash system requires no soldering and no physical access to the ECU – an altogether quicker, cleaner and more reliable method of tuning.


What makes the AMS VR30 Quick Flash different than a Custom Calibration?

The AMS VR30 Quick Flash is designed to be a quick and simple process that increases horsepower at a reasonable cost. The ECU mapping provided is pre-determined based on our years of experience calibrating these engines, and is meant to be a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Our Red Alpha Custom Calibration goes one step further than this by allowing our team to tune specifically for your exact vehicle, modifications, and use case. Because the AMS VR30 Quick Flash is an entry level tuning solution, support for things like map switching, flex fuel, launch control, etc. is not included.


AMS Performance VR30 Quick Flash for Q50/Q60 Includes

  • AMS VR30 Quick Flash Calibration File via E-mail
  • EcuTek Flash Points (Software license fee) (Optional)
  • EcuTek Phone Flash Points (Software license fee) (Optional)
  • EcuTek Bluetooth Flashing & Datalogging Interface (OBD2 Plug) (Optional)

Product Notes

  • In order to operate the EcuTek Phone Flash software and vehicle interface, you must have a Bluetooth and network (mobile or wifi) enabled Android or Apple device. Phone depicted in marketing photos is not included.
  • The AMS VR30 Quick Flash is applicable to 91, 92, and 93 octane (AKI rating) gasoline only. Ethanol blends/E85 is not supported. Utilizing a lower octane or non-gasoline based fuel may cause damage. 93 octane gasoline is recommended for best results.
  • The AMS VR30 Quick Flash calibration is not intended to be used with methanol injection systems and/or nitrous systems.
  • Vehicles must have stock fuel system components and stock turbos to be eligible for the AMS VR30 Quick Flash calibration. Vehicles at higher levels of modification require tuning via our full AMS Red Alpha Custom Calibration.
  • The AMS VR30 Quick Flash does not support map switching, flex fuel, or launch control features.
  • The AMS VR30 Quick Flash is available for all models of Q50 and Q60 with 3.0L Twin Turbo engine and either AWD or RWD drivetrain, including Red Sport, Silver Sport, Pure, Luxe, Sensory, Sport, Signature, Premium, etc.
  • 2021 model year vehicles require 75 additional flashpoints from EcuTek. An additional charge of $105.00 will be processed separately once the order is placed.
  • The AMS VR30 Quick Flash is not available for cars with in-engine bay open element / hot air intakes due to inconsistencies we’ve recorded between cars with these installed.  AMS VR30 Red Alpha Custom Calibration is required for cars with this style intake installed.


* Horsepower and torque numbers, quarter mile times, 0-60 mph, 60-130 mph and other recorded times are approximate and can vary significantly depending on numerous factors such as your ambient temperature, elevation, tire selection, road surface material, fuel octane and quality, and vehicle weight, among many others. The advertised numbers herein are based on optimal conditions and utilizing proper supporting modifications, but are generally attainable results by an average customer. Your results may vary.

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