Syvecs Infiniti Q50 / Q60 AWD Controller w/ AMS Calibration File

The Syvecs Q50/Q60 AWD module is a standalone AWD/4WD/Center Diff Controller designed to offer more traction and precise control of your drivetrain. An AMS calibration file is also pre-installed at no additional cost!


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This product is either entirely unrelated to an emissions-controlled engine, or we believe this product does not affect vehicle emissions or any emission control devices on the vehicle it is intended for, that would be subject to any US State or Federal emissions standards. International users outside of the United States should act in accordance with their local laws and regulations.

2017+ INFINITI Q60 with 3.0L Twin Turbo VR30 (Various Submodels) | 2016+ INFINITI Q50 with 3.0L Twin Turbo VR30 (Various Submodels)
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With 23 years of documented research and development in the forced induction field, AMS Performance has proven itself as the powerhouse in the automotive aftermarket. Our award winning performance systems are what all others are measured by.

The Syvecs Infiniti Q50 / Q60 (VR30) AWD Controller with AMS Calibration File opens up new possibilities not known to the platform before. Unlock the true potential and capabilities of your AWD system with this standalone plug ‘n play AWD/4WD/center diff controller. By fitting a Syvecs AWD Controller with our AMS Calibration File, we provide users with four on-the-fly selectable AWD control strategies resulting in improved stability and acceleration performance for a range of driving conditions. You can also connect our optional Auto-Shift wire giving you an exceptionally accurate, user-adjustable, upshift point selector.

  • AWD Mode Switching Allows for 4 AMS Optimized Strategies to be Switched on the Fly
  • Improved 0-60 and 1/4 Mile Times via Increased Torque Applied to the Front Wheels
  • Burnout Mode Allows for Tire Heating at the Drag Strip, and Dyno Usage
  • Avoids “AWD High-Temp” Warning — No More Limp Mode!
  • Increased Stability in Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Fully Adjustable Auto-Shift Functionality Enabled


The OEM controller that comes installed from the factory in your Q is locked down and not user adjustable. By simply fitting the Syvecs Infiniti Q50 / Q60 (VR30) AWD Controller with AMS Calibration File, a whole new level of control becomes available. This unit allows users to optimize control and provide the best performance available from the powertrain. The Syvecs controller replicates all the OEM CAN information as well as pulls from numerous sources of sensor data via the OEM CANBUS such as Steering Angle, Brake Pressure, RPM, TPS, Lateral G, Yaw, Long G, Speeds, Temperatures, and mode switches. All these data points are essential for calculating precise AWD control strategies.


AMS Calibrated AWD Mode Switching

The Syvecs control module and software allows us to configure four separate AWD mode strategies that are able to be selected on-the-fly by the driver. The adjustments require no laptop or phone app, and are easily and quickly controlled via the factory Drive Mode Selection toggle switch.

  1. Sport & Sport+: 100% AWD application for improvement in straight-line acceleration
  2. Standard: Normal driving mode with optimized stock-like AWD control
  3. ECO: RWD/open differential for increased fuel efficiency and less wear on components when driving straight and without wheel slip (AWD will still engage in a high slip scenario and is not completely disabled for improved safety)
  4. Snow: Increased AWD center diff lock from a standstill, AWD lock optimized for increased stability when turning or stopping


Burnout Mode for the Drag Strip

When you’re at the track trying to set world records, you need every advantage you can get. By allowing the rear half of the AWD system to essentially decouple from the front, Burnout Mode allows for 100% of the engine power to be directed to the rear wheels. When the driver activates the emergency flasher (hazard) button, the system is activated, allowing for the driver to perform a burnout to heat up the rear tires while at the drag strip.


Auto-Shift Feature for Perfect Shifts

Accurate shifting is just as important when racing as your horsepower number. Customers who want the highest level of accuracy in their shift timing can opt to wire in the supplied Auto-Shift feature with our included instructions. This Auto-Shift functionality will “pull the paddle” for you resulting in consistent and optimized wide open throttle upshift points and is pre-programmed with our AMS Calibration File. This is particularly useful with high power applications as drivers won’t pull the paddle quick enough in the lower gears and miss the optimal shift point or hit the rev-limiter. Serious racers can even dial in the exact RPM shift point they need via a PC connection as this feature is fully user adjustable. Auto-shift is active when wide open throttle, in manual shift mode, and when configured engine/vehicle speed thresholds have been met.


Built-In Safety Precautions

The AMS Calibration File for the Syvecs AWD Controller features built-in Limp Mode protection options for large slip, high current, and high temps to warn the driver but keep AWD active, unlike the OEM controllers which shut down power — not ideal for cars with high horsepower! We’ve taken our years of motorsports experience and calibrated our pre-programmed Limp Mode safety protocol to engage for the following scenarios:

  • Large amount of wheel slip detected (front to rear). This will prevent damage to your vehicle’s AWD Unit (center differential).
  • High AWD electrical current fault. This can be an indication of failing wiring or AWD Unit.
  • High AWD Unit temperature. Vehicle will still illuminate a warning light but AWD remains active, unlike the OEM controller which shuts down power.


Syvecs VR30 AWD Controller w/ AMS Calibration File INCLUDES

  • AMS Calibration File Pre-Loaded to Controller
  • Syvecs AWD Controller For Infiniti Q50 + Q60
  • Syvecs Plug ‘n Play Harness
  • Syvecs USB Cable



  • Auto-Shift works for vehicles with and without paddles, and can be wired in at the end-user’s discretion. Instructions for wiring to both vehicle types are included.
  • Failure to use Burnout Mode properly can cause serious drivetrain damage. Do not engage or disengage mode while wheels are moving. The vehicle must be at a complete stop, with zero wheel spin, when activating or deactivating mode.
  • Changing calibration settings is not recommended unless done so by an experienced tuner. Calibration support and/or technical information to implement changes is not included with purchase.
  • In order to calibrate the Syvecs AWD Controller software for your specific vehicle, we require your Q50 or Q60’s model year. Please contact our Customer Support team to provide this information as soon as possible to avoid shipping delays.

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