The dust has finally settled after an incredibly successful TX2K for the entire AMS Race Team! Even with the AMS team battling fierce competition (not to mention the weather), almost everyone was still able to set new personal bests after six days of racing at the Texas Motorplex.

  • New PB for Dave in his ALPHA W GTR and GTR68 class record, 2nd Place finish – 6.86 @ 213
  • Jordan’s ALPHA Omega Huracan makes quickest V10 pass of the event – 7.23 @ 205
  • Brooke with her first 7 second passes and new PB in her ALPHA Princess GTR – 7.91 @ 181
  • Luke runs a new PB in his ALPHA 12 R8 – 8.29 @ 170
  • Brian in the ALPHA X NISMO GTR makes an appearance in Sport Class roll racing – 186 MPH
  • Sana runs a new PB in her AMS supported GTR – 8.32 @ 174
  • Jonathan’s ALPHA 12 R8 makes it deep into roll racing competition, trapping nearly 200 MPH in the semi-finals
  • Reco’s Perf and Sunir’s R8 both with clean roll race qualifying passes, but ultimately outgunned by the very fast field this year
  • Jordan’s ALPHA 20 Performante runs strong in DCT Class eliminations, running an event best 7.62 @ 196


Dave has a podium finish at TX2k!

Dave had an unbelievable week of racing, running an off-the-trailer 6.89 @ 212 to qualify, and then three more consecutive 6 second passes during competition, including a new personal best of 6.86 @ 213. Unfortunately, traction issues during the final pass required some throttle feathering, dashing any hopes of a clean sweep. Even with that, Dave still finds a spot on the GTR68 Class podium this year, and makes an addition to his trophy case.


Jordan and the ALPHA Omega Huracan put down the quickest quarter mile times of any R8 or Huracan at TX2K!

While the ALPHA Omega Huracan was not actually in the competition (Jordan was racing two other vehicles at the event), we were still able to put down some easy exhibition passes between the qualifying sessions early on. The team was able to put together a 7.23 @ 205 MPH pass, giving us a comfortable lead for event bragging rights. The future is bright for V10 drag racing, and we’re excited to show everyone what we’ve got planned next!


Sana sets a new PB in her AMS supported GTR and goes rounds in drag race eliminations at TX2k!

Ladyzilla was crushing it all week long at TX2K, running her first ever 8 second pass, and with each trip up to the line she improved on her previous personal best! Making it all the way to the semi finals in the DCT class, she was knocked out by an accidental red light. What an incredible start to the 2024 season, and we can’t wait to see her improve that PB even more!

1️⃣ 8.873 @ 163.80 2️⃣ 8.760 @ 169.30 3️⃣ 8.413 @ 172.87 4️⃣ 8.326 @ 174.12 5️⃣ 8.320 @ 173.50


Jonathan’s ALPHA 12 R8 at TX2K

The Vegas Yellow ALPHA 12 R8 qualified in the very competitive Sport Class this year, and made it all the way to the roll racing semi finals, running nearly 200 MPH! Jonathan’s car continues to impress us by cranking out unbelievable trap speeds with a factory stock engine and just our standard ALPHA 12 turbos (G35-1050)!


Brooke’s ALPHA Princess GTR with her first 7 second passes and new PB at TX2K

The ALPHA Princess was unstoppable in Texas! After the team put together some upgrades during the offseason, Brooke was able to make her first ever 7 second pass in her GTR at TX2K, and set a new personal best at 7.91 @ 181 MPH! Going rounds in the DCT class with the newfound power, Brooke’s car was much more competitive than in years past which we love to see. Congrats on the 7 second pass Brooke!


Jordans ALPHA 20 Performante at TX2K

Jordan’s ALPHA 20 Performante qualified in the top 3 for DCT Class, and ran strong in eliminations, running an event best 7.62 @ 196. Unfortunately the car would not cooperate to get back into the 7.40s that it has run previously, but it’s hard to ask for more when the car ran smoothly and safely all event long!


Intense Competition in the TX2k Roll Racing Event

Jordan brought his Nismo GTR to Texas but with the numerous other vehicles he was piloting, he opted to let his good friend Brian take the wheel and make some roll race passes. With the insanely fast field at this years event, Brian just barely made the cut for qualifying, and was simply outgunned during competition, but had a great time with it nonetheless!

Both Sunir and Reco had their ALPHA 12 cars out at the event benefiting from tuning support while racing. Our calibration team inspects datalogs from each car as they made passes, and optimize the ECU and TCU tuning based on the recorded data and driver feedback.

Carlos with his Dynamite Red R8 has had some big changes since last season, adding an AMS twin pump fuel system and retuning the car for flex fuel. “Ketchup” as the bright red R8 is affectionately called, was running strong in the mid 170s all week, but unfortunately just missed the cutoff for qualifying in the extremely competitive field this year.


Luke’s Freshly Built ALPHA 12 R8 at TX2K sets new PB!

Luke had an incredible week in Texas racing his ALPHA 12 R8 deep into DCT class competition! With this being his first time at the track with the car, him running an 8.29 @ 170 MPH is super impressive! Luke has proven himself to be a natural behind the wheel, and after he’s now gotten a taste for speed, he’s already putting plans together to upgrade to a 2000+ WHP ALPHA package for the next event.




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