Over the past 12 months we at AMS have been working on a really wild project, we call it the F1-I. With production getting close it’s time to make the big announcement.

Many of your are familiar with our current VSR intake manifold. For the past three years it’s been one of if not the best all around intake manifold available for the EVO VIII/IX. Well About 12 months ago we decided to make a change. AMS has been developing a new VSR intake manifold, The AMS F1-I. The plan was simple, to take our already power potent VSR and make it even better!

The F1-I was designed and prototyped in house by our team of engineers. From an Idea sprung a design, then a prototype and then testing. We were able to test the Plastic/fiberglass prototype about 6 months back on Martins personal EVO VIII against our current VSR. Even at only 15 pounds of boost it was able to make an additional 5% or 15-17whp horsepower across the board! Gains were seen throughout the ENTIRE POWER BAND! Due to the remarkable results we decided to go ahead with production.

The New AMS F1-I is now coming cast for added strength and to optimize the output of the manifold. Larger Bell horns, larger plenum, and an entry angle in the cylinder head equal to the intake ports on the head are now all possible. The casting process is not a fast one and the biggest reason why up until now we did not want to release any information.

As you can see from the CAD drawings , we implemented all of our resources here at AMS to bring you the best intake manifold made for the EVO VIII/IX. We referenced many modern design examples and engineering studies ranging from Moto GP to exotic race cars.

These units are due to arrive from casting in 8-10 weeks. We have a sample unit coming the next few weeks for testing against the top running manifolds now. We are very confident that the new AMS F1-I will post nothing less than amazing results.

Some more pics including those of the Prototype plastic/fiberglass unit

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