AMS Drag EVO Dyno VIDEO from 2008 HIN Nightshift!!!!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the HIN Night shift show here in greater Chicago land. Typically we do not attend car shows, they sort of go against what we are all about here. HIN Night shift though is a bit different. The show is really geared around motorsports. With a motocross stunt show, Drift competition and an Onsite dyno its not just about how many TV’s you had but what kind of car you have built and how it performs. We brought out a whole slew of cars but the highlight of the show had to be when our Drag EVO hit the rollers. From the second the car fired up people swarmed us. Just driving it to the dyno ramp proved to be quite the challenge. I felt like Moses parting the red sea. With hundreds of people there to witness it we were able to crack off three 1000 plus WHP pulls on a boost level that still left a bit on the table.

Enough Talk though and on with the video. Here is our Shop EVO VIII Drag car putting it to the rollers at HIN Night shift Chicago 2008:

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