To help us pack more rubber Ivan and the team decided to make a wide body kit for the TA-X

Ivan reworking the factory fender

Tony welds in the fender extension part

and Shane works his magic to make it flow better

A rough rendition of the front fender

another angle! Kudos for Ivan, Shane and tony for the AWESOME work! Its their 1st attempt at body work!!!!

Justin fits in the collapsible steering column and the pedal box

looking good

Another angle of the column and the mounted driver’s seat

Ivan begins work on the rear over fender

Matt welding in the strut mount supports

Engine bay – ready for the dummy engine

More cage work..

Matt welding away on the chassis

More progress on the cage work and chassis strengthening

Matt fills in unneeded openings in the firewall

AP Air jacks mounted to the cage/chassis

Little bit more progress on the cage work

Ivan and Justin having a little morning meeting, notice the fuel call mounted in the back of the car

Everything is coming along quite nicely! Cage is almost done!

A side shot of the cage and the driver seat position

Front strut mount support

Ivan mocking up the dashboard out of cardboard

a few hours later

Ivan prepping the dashboard panels ….

for the sweet alligator and ostrich cover!

Just daydreaming in the driver’s seat!

Another angle of the dash in the car!

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