AMS EVO X Track car buildup IN ONLY 10 WEEKS – 4-8-09 Update!

Here are some quick update pics 😀

We had to modify the door panels to fit the cage.

The pieces removed from the factory door panels

The newly crafted panel

To secure the new panel Ivo installed threaded receivers in the unused holes in the door.

Ivo working on the panels.

Here is what finished product looks like 😀 – a quick and cost effective solution. We’re also going to powdercoat the panel black to have it blend in a little better.

Interior is pretty much wrapped up. Notice the fire extinguisher system control box mounted under the climate controls and the red spray nozzles on the sides of the center console.

The AMS EVO X Surge Tank system and the fire extinguisher nozzles.

A quick shot of the engine bay.

And this is what the car looks like now. We’re still waiting for the front lip to come in…

Ivo- the tech responsible for the build.

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