AMS Product Release: EVO X Twin Tip Cat Back Exhaust

The AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Twin Tip Cat-Back Exhaust System is the most unique exhaust system on the market. Developed to be a truly customizable exhaust for both looks and sound, it is the most versatile cat-back available to date.

The AMS Twin Tip Exhaust System has the ability to change the exhaust tone to fit your personal taste by utilizing exhaust silencer disks placed inside of the exhaust piping. This allows the owner to fine tune their exhaust note up to a 5db difference in only a few minutes with basic hand tools! These silencer disks are placed on the passenger size tip v-band connection so there is no need to raise the car off the ground to change them. Ranging from completely open to completely closed, this connection can subtly or drastically change the exhaust tone to suit your tastes.

Another unique feature is the V-Band connections also allow for easy removal of the muffler section (including driver’s side tip) to change the exhaust to a full 3” straight pipe with single exhaust tip for track use. This not only allows for more exhaust flow, increasing weight savings to 38 lbs over the stock exhaust system.

The AMS Twin Tip Exhaust System has undergone countless hours of research and development and has been designed to make the most horse power as well as shed serious weight off your EVO X. Our exhaust features mandrel bent piping for the best exhaust flow. This system does not have any restrictions like other popular exhaust systems that “neck down” and hurt performance. Like all other AMS exhaust products this Twin Tip Cat-Back Exhaust is TIG welded with 100% 304 stainless components including the flanges and hangers. The system utilizes factory exhaust hangers and includes a high quality polished muffler and matching polished exhaust tips. By simply installing this exhaust system you can expect to see as much as 15+ Wheel Horsepower gains over stock without even re-tuning the ECU!


• Silencer Plates included to custom tune your exhaust sound
• 3″ throughout entire system. Does not “neck down” like other systems
• 100% Stainless Steel construction. No mild steel flanges or hangers
• Utilizes both 2 Bolt and V-Band flanged connections for leak-free operation
• 15+ Wheel Horsepower gains over stock
• 24 lb. weight savings (21 lbs. compared to stock at 45 lbs.)
• 38 lb. weight savings with muffler removed
• 6″ Of Ground clearance, no lower than the factory cross member
• Bolts up to the factory catalytic converter, AMS High-Flow Cat or AMS Test-Pipe
• Includes gaskets and hardware
• Unrivaled fit and finish


• 304 Stainless Steel
• 3” Piping .049” Wall Thickness
• Polished Muffler and Matching Polished Tip
• V-Band Connections at the Muffler and Tip for easy exhaust note changes
• 3/8″ Thick Stainless Steel Flanges
• 21 lbs


• Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR and MR Models
• Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models

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