AMS is proud to release the AMS  750R Turbo Kit!

The AMS 750R Turbo is a GT30R variant capable of making 100whp more than a typical GT30R. We have seen as much as 500 wheel horsepower on 93 octane pump gas and over 580 wheel horsepower on race gas with this turbo!

The greatest attribute of the AMS 750R is that spool is only about 100-200rpm later than a GT30R turbo! This is the perfect set up for those of you who want to have a great spooling street set up that can still put massive amounts of power to the ground when the boost is turned up. This is the same turbo that we are running on our Time Attack Evo X!

The AMS 750R is true dual ball bearing center section with a modified billet compressor wheel. This wheel has been designed to offer better flow rates due to the improved aerodynamics, as well as offer great spool rates by having a lighter billet aluminum compressor wheel.

The AMS 750R turbo kit maintains the sames quality standards that we apply to all of our current AMS turbo kits. You can view all or our other turbo kits here

Click here to purchase the 750R turbo kit __________________

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